Travelling through light and colour.

Project Background
Vivo is a household name in China. A smartphone giant that has risen to be the sixth biggest smartphone company in the world. Building on this success, vivo decided to launch a new flagship concept store in Shenzhen - vivo Labs. The building would be comprised of two floors, the first floor offering a retail experience, and the second, a curated exhibition full of digital activations  inspired by their core smartphone products. We were approached to design and develop the digital experience.
Throughput (estimate)
30min Experience.
30 People interactive.
60 Guests an hour.
2,184,400 Impressions a year.​​​​​​​
500k Interactions in one month.
40% On-boarding to vivo WeChat platform.
80% average retention rate of digital activations.
10% Conversion rate.​​​​​​​
The three main categories that all vivo smartphones are judged by are music, gaming and most importantly - photography. Our creative concept was 'Uniquely Me'. Using all three categories, especially photography, we crafted 9 experiences in order to excite and educate visitors. Each activation encourages visitor participation of various levels and is either guided or hosted. The experience was designed with consideration towards environment, graphics, timings, throughput, wayfinding and takeaways. Making this a holistic journey through the eye of a vivo lens.
1. Your aura
A projection based experience that creates a personal visual aura based on your proximity, movement and colour of clothing. ​​​​​​​
2. Meet vivo
Say hello the star of the show! A larger than life model with proximity sensor that digitally changes it’s expression the closer you get.
3. Take me back
Travel through time and see how you would look if you were photographed in the past through nine different cameras.
4. Hyper Mirror
An illusionary reflection created in an infinite space for a magical selfie moment.
5. Touching photons
Learn how light works in its purest form. Touch activated orbs that change colours to mimic real life photons.
6. Take me there
See how natural lighting differs all over the world with a 360 degree video that is projection mapped on a geodesic LED sphere to transport you around the globe.
7. Time and space
Understand how long exposure photography works, demonstrating how you can manipulate light and turn it into an art form. 
8. Feel the sound
A towering light sculpture that changes colour and rhythm based on visitor interaction. Visitors can adjust the intensity of an instrumental group, controlled on a vivo smartphone.
9. vivo me
Transform yourself into vivo character! A camera takes a picture of you and an AI creates a unique character that can be personalised to match your style. 
My Role
During the course of this project, my role encompassed initial development of concepts, supporting the two creative directors, through to final designs for multiple activations. In addition, I was tasked with fleshing out each concept and mapping out each stage of the customer journey.
Later on I completed the UI for 'Feel the sound', 'Meet vivo' and 'vivo Me', which then went into development and deployment. For some of the other activations, such as 'Take me there' and 'Time and space', my original art direction was developed by other designers on my team.
vivo Me UI design
Feel the sound UI design
Concept and Development​​​​​​​
Countdown started
Countdown started
One second to go
One second to go
Globe Mode
Globe Mode
Studio Mode
Studio Mode
Studio lighting set up
Studio lighting set up
360 mapping
360 mapping
Creative Team
Art Director - Mustafa
Creative Directors - Iain Greenhalgh, Sam McMorran
Designers - Rochelle Jiang, Wentao Hao, Romain Clerte
UX - James Worsham
Development - Edouard Durand, Hugo Barbier
Producer - Petrel Qiu, Catrina Siu
3D Motion Studio - S1T2

Agency - Imagination Shanghai
Client - vivo
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