Me starting my career in design, the horse rose through the ranks a lot quicker than me.
"Professional wrestler, astronaut, chef and vigilante hero. These were what I aspired to be when I was a young boy with nothing but time on my hands and with dreams to chase. With hope as my fuel I plowed forward in search of fame and glory. Unfortunately the world is a cruel place and my dreams were to always remain as such. With that in mind I decided to go for the easy and laid-back life. I picked up an overpriced MacBook and started my journey as a fully-fledged creative."

FREELANCE Creative lead
BBH Shanghai

Digital Art Director
Imagination Shanghai

Digital Designer
Imagination London


Freelance Digital Designer
Zone Digital

BA (Hons) Graphic & Media Design 
Kingston University

Foundation Studies in Art & Design
De Montfort University

Graphic Design
Applied Art & Design
Wyggeston & Queen Elizabeth II College
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