The show within a show.

Project Background
The Shanghai Autoshow (SHAS) was the highest tier automotive event in China in 2019. All local and international car manufacturers use the event as a platform to make big announcements, Ford included. In 2019, Ford used SHAS to reveal not one... but four new cars.  Our challenge: In an environment where visitor dwell time is only a few minutes, how do we grab visitor attention whilst enriching their time with an unforgettable stand experience.
We reframed the Ford space as an immersive theatre - with an exciting, entertaining and unmissable live show as the centerpiece of the stand. Visitors would be treated to a 16 minute live show with a host presenting Ford's plan for the future as well revealing the three new vehicles. The theatre was comprised of an open roof three sided stage with LED completely covering the walls and floor. Within the back wall there is a hidden door that slides open where the new vehicles would emerge from to great surprise and wonderment. Supported by an eco-system of digital activations to support on and around the stand. This was a show that re-energised the Ford brand amongst the new successful China audience.  The four new vehicles: F150 Limited, Edge ST, Edge ST-Line and Ford Escape ST-Line were all given unique reveal sequences.
10 Public days.
16 Shows per day.
200 People standing.
250 Seats for audience.
72,000 Live views.
My Role
With an immersive LED theatre at my disposable, I was responsible for making sure the art direction of the visual content and narrative were working together to deliver maximum impact. The LED walls were angled to create a long perspective, to take advantage of this, I ensured each content piece had a very strong sense of kinetic energy. Each reveal reflected the characteristics of the four vehicles, in addition I developed a primary background for speaker segments and transitional wipes to connect each chapter. 

FORD Edge ST Reveal

FORD Edge ST-Line Reveal

Escape ST-Line Reveal

F150 Limited Reveal


Primary background and Transition
Primary background and Transition
Hero City Finale
Hero City Finale
Concepts and Developments
Creative Team
Art Director - Mustafa Miah
Creative Director - Paul Dragoni
Content Producer - Catrina Siu
Show Producer - Sylvia Wong
Designer - Andy Summers
Motion Studio - MISTER
Production Studio - The Sweetshop
Sound Design - Samplify

Agency - Imagination Shanghai
Client - Ford Motor Company China
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