We go further, so you can.

Project Background
Ford of Europe’s (FOE) showpiece launch - Go Further - doesn’t come along often. This is FOE's moment to signal to the world what Ford is planning for the future as well reveal their latest creations. In this instance it was the 'All-new Ford Fiesta' in four different packages. Ford decided not to attend the Frankfurt Autoshow this year, instead to fully focus on delivering a Go Further event like never before.

Go Further 2016 (1hr 17min 52sec)

The staging was composed of two LED walls (130 meters long and 4 meters high) that ran parallel to each other with the audience (2500 people) seated in between them. There were three individual smaller stages spread out in the triangular pattern along the hall. We created a story articulating the best of what Ford does in Europe, all the way from their products, to the people that wear the blue oval for their careers.
My Role
I oversaw the overall Art Direction for the LED content that run through the show. Tailoring each design to match the narrative whilst maintaining a cohesive style throughout. Working alongside animators I created the key visual for the event and then translated that design into the LED and subsequent supporting material i.e. website, invites, signage and info design.

Key Visual

FORD Fiesta Titanium reveal

FORD Fiesta Vignale reveal

FORD Fiesta ST-Line reveal

Ford Fiesta Active reveal & full car line-up


Creative Team
Art Director - Mustafa Miah
Creative Director - Jamie Gladstone
Creative Lead - James Keane
Show Producer - Tim Stafford
Content Producers - Andrew McKinna, Jayne Hobart, Shirin Halliwell
Animators - Suart Sinclair, Al Lidell, Liam Corner
Designers - Jason Claisse, Patricia Leonardo

Agency - Imagination London
Client - Ford Motor Company
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