Explore a new Territory.

Project Background
In 2017, Ford had an impressive SUV line-up in China comprised of five vehicles, beginning at - Ecosport, Kuga, Edge, Explorer and Everest. To celebrate this Imagination Shanghai created a 4D SUV VR experience - 'Unlocking life's possibilities'. In 2019, Ford launched the latest new SUV to their star studded line-up, the all-new Ford Territory, the first Ford SUV manufactured in China. Sitting in between the Ecosport and Kuga, the Territory had to be integrated into the VR experience.

Ford Territory section of SUV VR (2019)

Original SUV VR film (2017) including the new Ford Territory (2019)
We wanted to create a scene that matched the Territory's audience group, a city dweller who enjoys the occasional journey but is more interested in the smart technology and space inside the car. As the Ecosport was in a city environment and the Kuga was in a rural area, I decided a bridge scene would offer the perfect opportunity to narratively fit in as well as offer the opportunity to see stunning scenery in VR. The Territory would drive across the bridge with the V/O talking about the spacious interior. From there a UI graphic will appear, rotating through the three dashboard designs. 
The technology story continues with the V/O conversing with the onboard AI, asking for some 'fresh air'. The AI then promptly opens the panoramic sunroof which you then fly through, viewing the rear of the Territory as it continues to drive off across the bridge.
My role
I was the creative lead on this project which included creating the narrative, storyboarding, visual direction, voice over script and overseeing the voice recording. I chose the features to the ones to be highlighted in the scene (spacious interior, UI dashboard, wireless charging and sunroof) and worked with a production studio to art direct the scene.
Storyboards for the Territory scene.
The three different dashboard displays.
Classic Mode
Classic Mode
Fashion Mode
Fashion Mode
Sports Mode
Sports Mode
Creative Team
Creative Lead - Mustafa Miah
Producer - Campbell Smith, Eric Methivier
Sound Design - KER Sounds
3D Motion Studio - Rotor Studios

Agency - Imagination Shanghai
Client - Ford Motor Company

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