A journey of exploration and collaboration.

Project Background
Ford APAC wanted to empower Sales Consultants (SC) of all levels to deliver a customer experience that is truly personal from beginning to end. The task was monumental. Each market had their own systems, each franchise had their own processes and each dealership had differing levels of staff and KPIs. Ford wanted to create a platform that would run across APAC to create a unified experience and trackable progress for their staff, ensuring that each SC's had access to the same knowledge and guests experienced a consistent and memorable visit.
Our solution was the Digital Sales Guide (DSG), an iOS app designed to help SC’s with: customer profile creation, data collection, test drive booking, test drive features, vehicle showroom, configurator, vehicle comparison, brand comparison, price estimation, delivery agreements, souvenir generator, communication tracker, messaging capabilities and inventory. ​​​​​​​
4 Markets and languages.
8 External systems integrated.
1m Assets deployed.
80% Adoption rate.​​​​​​​
Client Feedback
"Imagination's capability and creativity in the areas of digital innovation and problem solving provide the difference we needed to create a sales and service experience that is distinctly Ford that all our guests can trust"
David Jefferey
Consumer Experience Director,
Ford AP Operations
My Role
I led the overall Art Direction and User Interface design, reviewing all designs before they went to our client for approval and development. I strived to give the design a ‘lightness’ while maintaining the Ford brand aesthetic.  The overall visual direction being modern by design, minimalist to age gracefully, and flexible. The elements are designed to be fluidly animated and applied with respect to interface ‘depth’ (structuring the information in levels to help improve predictability) to present information and content as priority. A strong component of the visual identity is animation, which brings the elements to life and makes the interface feel responsive. Animation was crucial in helping the overall experience but also as a visual guide to help direct the user. 



Interior Features

Exterior Features


Illustration and Iconography
Illustration Style
concept and development 
Creative Team
Art Director - Mustafa
Creative Director - Iain Greenhalgh
UI - Wentao Hao
UX - James Worsham, Joyce Tang
Copy - Paul Dragoni
Development - Djamel Feddad, Sonney Shen, Fernando Mata
3D Assets - Rotor Studios

Agency - Imagination Shanghai
Client - Ford Motor Company APAC
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